“Your organization is unique...
your wellness program should match.”
Healthy Company Alliance is a wellness development company. We partner with organizations that want a special wellness program solution. Different then other wellness vendors, we listen to your ideas and needs first and work with you to design a program around your requirements. We use that plan to create a unique, customized wellness program solution, developed specifically for your organization.
"We needed an online platform that could manage our wellness program. We contracted with Healthy Company Alliance (HCA) and have been so impressed with the results! HCA staff is creative and responsive and worked with us to customize our portal just he way we wanted it to look and function. I would highly recommend HCA to any organization!"

JoAnn Shea | Director, Employee Health & Wellness | Tampa General Hospital
"We are so happy to have found Healthy Company Alliance! HCA created several of our wellness challenges and they’ve all been a huge hit with our staff. HCA made the process really simple from the planning phase to the implementation of the challenge. The website is easy to use and interactive and we all love it!”

Cindy Brackett | Vice President, Human Resources | RSUI Group, Inc.
Proud to be a WELCOA Premier Provider
Your wellness program is unlike any other, so we created a wellness platform that you can use to design your wellness portal and use it just how you want. Even though we offer several interactive features and a collection of wellness components (such as wellness challenges, activity tracking and an integrated health risk appraisal), we make it easy for you and your employees by linking everything together in a single wellness portal solution.
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Wellness Components
Want to see how your portal will come together?
When planning how to engage your participants, chose from a variety of wellness products to incorporate into your program and add to your wellness portal. Our full-featured wellness components are designed to help participants interact with your program, gather important data, track the results you want and report the outcomes you expect. You can choose one or add them all - there is no restriction on what you can use or additional cost to hinder your decision.

Use Activity Tracking to keep track of your employees' participation data year round. Share activity information, establish goals and gather data as participants, and collect points by completing activities designed for your program.
Use Wellness Challenges to setup and manage a variety of interactive challenges that will support and encourage participants as they make healthy decisions. Choose our ready-to-use themes for weight loss, nutrition, fitness, walking and more, OR we will work with you to create your own custom challenge.
Use Health Risk Appraisal to gather participant data based on lifestyle questions and biometric screenings (which can be imported if you have your own lab data). Users have access to their custom participant report in real time while valuable aggregate data is available for the organizations.
Use the Resource Library to access an expansive collection of articles, fact sheets, posters and wellness resources. You also have access to Wellness 4U, a monthly wellness newsletter that will be branded for your organization and can be shared with all of your employees.
The cost of running a wellness program is a hurdle for many organizations. We don't think the traditional pricing models that other wellness vendors use makes sense. When you are forced to pay for non-participants in a PEPM model or have to guess the number of licenses to purchase, it wastes your time and your organization's money. That's why we created a new type of pricing strategy, offering several, easy-to-understand packages to choose from and making the "cost hurdle" easier to overcome.

Every Package Includes:
• Custom Wellness Portal
• Special Portal Web Address
• Wellness Challenges
• Participant Activity Tracking
• Health Risk Appraisal
• Wellness Resource Library
• Wellness 4U Subscription
• Dedicated Account Coordinator
• Ongoing Customer and Technical Support
The Small Business Package includes everything needed for your wellness program and is available at a fixed price, making it easy for smaller groups to budget for. Groups up to 100 employees pay only $3,995 per year and larger groups up to 200 employees pay only $5,995 per year with no hidden fees and no surprises.
With the Corporate Program Package, you have access to everything we offer, including our unique Active Participant Pricing Model, where we only ask you to pay for those employees that actually participant in your program...no more, no less. Pay a small annual licensing fee and give all employees access to everything for only $2.50 per month per active participant.
The Reseller Partner Package is perfect for those who want to offer wellness benefits to their own customers, without the cost of creating and supporting the technology. We start with our full wellness platform and work with our partners to create a special, custom-branded version. Partners then have full rights to resell their custom portal and get ongoing support services for as little as $1.00 per month per active participant.